Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Hereford Rates

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Rates in zip code 85615. 

But I can get someone else to do it cheaper! Read this article first!

Prices may vary depending on road conditions and distance from pavement. We are happy to give you an exact rate based on your address if you are not within one of the above areas but these rates will give you a general idea for your approximate location.

  • These are flat rates. There are no additional charges for additional pets. Please choose longer visit times for the care requirements associated with many pets and/or livestock. 60 and 90 Minute visits are available.

Visits are all-inclusive! We will keep the pet waste cleaned up, water plants, check the mail, bring in packages and other things you may need to have done around your home at no additional cost.

Every visit comes with a visit report with an update on how everything is going. The report has the GPS location with the pet sitter's arrival and completion time.

Our next step is to schedule your visits and arrange our Free Consultation. If you've already filled out that form just let us know that you're ready to get started and we'll go above and beyond so you can travel with peace of mind. Simply reply to our email or text message.

Your pets will love our visits and you will love our customer service! 

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