Thursday, August 23, 2018

Home Safe

As I make travel arrangements and get ready to go on vacation I am also preparing for my own pet care; making sure there is enough dog food, cat food, cat litter and tortoise food. Taking a vacation can be a lot of work!

My biggest concern, as a pet parent, is - what if something happens to us while we are on vacation? You know, the kind of things that are not likely but can still cause worry when you have pets alone at home who are dependent on your return for their survival.

At Creature Comforts, we are all pet parents and we understand that worry. We have a Home Safe policy to make sure we keep all pets in our care until our clients return home safely. On the last day of each service schedule a notification appears on our admin console and a Home Safe email is sent to the client. That email has a link that the client clicks to close the service ticket, which notifies us that they have returned home. We noticed that not all clients were checking their email when they got home (we know that's a busy time with overjoyed pets welcoming you) so we made these cute little Thank You cards to leave on the counter with a reminder to click the link in the Home Safe email.

Our clients have had a lot of unexpected delays during our decade of service and we are always prepared to continue care. Some delays have been weeks-long, like the wife who was deployed to Afghanistan while the husband, stationed in Antarctica, had to wait for transportation home. A mechanical failure in the cargo plane caused it to be grounded in New Zealand and it was 2 weeks before a replacement plane "landed on the ice" to pick him up. We continued our three-times daily visits to the dogs whose parents were 7000 miles apart. We even kept their beautiful lawn alive!

As a business owner, our Home Safe process gives me peace of mind at the end of each day, knowing that our traveling clients are home and the pets are safely back in their care. I hope that it gives you comfort when you choose us to take care of your beloved pets knowing that you will come home to a card on your counter reminding you to let us know you are Home Safe.


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