Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chubby Dog Program

We are offering special rates on daily exercise sessions with our Chubby Dog Program

We know you LOVE your chubby dog! We know your dog loves the treats you can't help but give him! Life is good and chubby dogs are seemingly happy being couch potatoes.

But life with our beloved dogs is short! There are health dangers lurking that will lead to illness and poor health and will shorten the time you have to spend with him. 

The longer your dog is chubby the more health issues she will face. One of the most common illnesses chubby dogs face is diabetes as your dog's body struggles to balance blood sugar and insulin until finally losing the battle.

Joint and ligament damage is also a common and painful chronic condition caused by excess weight. Some breeds are also prone to muscular skeletal conditions like hip dysplasia and disc disease that are exacerbated by excess weight.

Heart disease and high blood pressure also happen to dogs! The heart has an increased work load with all that extra body mass.The lungs have a difficult time functioning, leading to breathing difficulty

Chubby dogs have more trouble dealing with the heat.

Digestive issues also become common and your dog will have increased flatulence. No one wants that!  Skin and coat issues develop as fat wrinkles cause rashes and infections (this can cause an unpleasant smell that you may have noticed).

Chubby dogs are at a higher risk of cancer

We have a solution for busy pet parents to prevent the myriad health issues that can plague obese dogs. Enroll your dog in our Chubby Dog Program!

Here is how it works:

  • Chubby dogs must otherwise be in good health with no chronic illnesses or conditions that might pose a health risk.
  • Your vet can give your dog the green light for a daily exercise routine (or put him on a diet and medication regime to manage his weight and health condition to allow for participation in exercise!).
  • Dogs must be able to walk for at least 30 minutes. Ask your vet if this is an achievable activity for your dog.
  • Nails need to be trimmed to allow your dog to walk comfortably. While you're at the vet's office ask them to trim her nails to a proper length.

Chubby dogs will be taken on a daily walk to slim down and achieve better physical and mental health for a long and happy life!

Call us today to enroll your dog in our special program with affordable rates.


Friday, August 8, 2014

East Slope Water E Coli Contamination

As part of our care we monitor a wide array of local social media groups to be aware and informed of any situations that may arise that may require our intervention while our clients are away.

Today this involved E Coli contamination of the East Slope water company. Notices were being distributed door to door and social media distributed the news very quickly. Here is what we did during this emergency:

  1. We made a call to this water company to find out which neighborhoods were affected. 
  2. We contacted our clients who are out of town to notify them. 
  3. We implemented a water emergency plan which includes bringing water from an uncontaminated source to any affected client.
You can rest assured that we will be proactive during any emergency. 

Other situations we've managed include:
  • The deep freeze in 2011. Water pipes froze all over the city. Gas lines were shut off. We brought water to affected pets and made sure everyone stayed warm and hydrated. We took precautions against pipes leaking when the big thaw came a few days later by shutting off water supply to affected homes. We continued to bring water to those pets until the clients returned.
  • The Montezuma Fire of 2011. Holy Evacuation! That was an intense period as we evacuated ourselves and our client's pets.