Monday, December 31, 2018

Socks Loves Apples

Socks is a sweet 33 year-old Quarter Horse gelding that we get to visit a few times a year when his dad travels. He is a retired gymkhana horse and he's enjoying his pasture life. Usually we have to go out to the back acreage to find him then bring him meandering back to the barn for his meals but this morning he came in on his own and got his apple slices before breakfast! 
His winter coat must have been handy in the snowfall we just had!

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Fun In The Snow

Rambo and Ruger enjoying the snow
Neither rain nor snow nor heat nor ice will stop our pet sitters from making their rounds visiting the pets in our care!

We had a lot of fun with our furry clients in the surprise snowfall on December 29, 2018! Our biggest concern was being able to reach the pets living in the canyon areas, from Ramsey Canyon on Highway 92 to Huachuca Canyon on Fort Huachuca.

As the snow continued to fall throughout the afternoon, and with projected temperatures dropping to well below freezing, we reached out to a traveling client on post to ask if the pet sitter visiting all of the military pets on base could stay at their home through the day. As evening approached this client graciously welcomed Ayla to stay the night at their house to make sure she would be able to get to everyone the following morning. Their dogs, Rambo and Ruger, were thrilled to have her company and we were grateful to have convenient access to the other homes on post in the event of road or gate closures.

Ellie and Stan - Christmas tree vandals?
Patty was fearlessly driving out to Palominas three times a day to give potty breaks to multiple groups of dogs who are normally outside during the day but had to be inside due to subfreezing temperatures, snow and rain. Even insulated dog houses couldn't keep up with the weather and our clients were happy to add a few extra visits to keep their pets safely tucked inside.

We had muddy paws, an open dog door, a fun-loving Golden Retriever and a victimized Christmas tree to also add some excitement to the weekend! The team in the city was also kept busy!

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