Monday, September 30, 2019

Sierra Vista Rates

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Rates in Sierra Vista zip codes 85635 and 85650*

  • Meal time visits please select 30 minutes or longer to allow meal prep time, eating time, cleanup time and potty time before and after meal.
  • 20 Minute visits are ideal for mid-day and/or bed time potty breaks as well as cat visits.
  • These are flat rates. There are no additional charges for additional pets. Please choose longer visit times for the care requirements associated with many pets and/or livestock.
  • Dog walk rates are the same as pet sitting rates for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. There is a $3.50 charge per additional dog.

Professional Care You Can Trust
Visits are all-inclusive! We will keep the pet waste cleaned up, water plants, check the mail, bring in packages and other things you may need to have done around your home at no additional cost.

Every visit comes with a visit report with an update on how everything is going. The report has the GPS location with the pet sitter's arrival and completion time.

Your pets will love our visits and you will love our customer service! Our next step is to schedule your visits and arrange our Free Consultation. If you've already filled out that form just let us know that you're ready to get started and we'll go above and beyond so you can travel with peace of mind. Simply reply to our email or text message.

*Moson Road area residents in the 85650 zip code please use the 85615 rate chart

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Credit Card Security

Your security is important to us and that includes the security of your credit card information used in our online scheduling system. Here are our security measures:

  1. We don't have access to your credit card information. When you log in to add or update your credit card you are directly accessing the encrypted merchant processing portal. That information is not available to us nor to our scheduling software provider, LeashTime. 
  2. If we take your credit card information for you over the phone we do so only through the secured merchant portal; the card information is not written down nor stored locally in any way. Doing so is a violation of our Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance. 
  3. We complete an annual PCI Compliance validation process. This ensures that our credit card processing policies and methods are up to date and in compliance with merchant processing regulations.
  4. For our clients who do not wish to make online payment by credit card we are happy to accept personal checks and Venmo payments. Each invoice will have instructions for those payment methods.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Why Pet Owners Should Be Over Rover

You've probably noticed the international listing services, like Rover, that are popping up for people to do side gigs in pet sitting. Simply plug in your zip code and a slew of profiles appear. You may not have heard the horror stories (search Rover horror stories). Unfortunately, those of us who are professionals in this industry have a front row seat to the unbelievable things hobbyists do, and don't do. 

Your pets are too important to trust to someone doing this as a side gig; without standards of care, without a background check, without supervision. This is a long article but it's a big problem and we've heard it all from our new clients. Do you really want to deal with an agent in a call center when you have a problem? In a recent article about a lost dog in Canada (remember, they list sitters all over the world) Rover CEO, Dave Rosenbaum, said, "Individual sitters, not Rover, are liable for any damages arising from a situation gone wrong because everyone on the platform operates as an independent contractor." 

How do you think that is going to make you feel when you are desperate to resolve a problem?

What if the person you choose never shows up for the scheduled visits? What if they cancel on you the day before you leave? How do you know if they have a boyfriend or other person come with them to your home? We have had calls from frantic pet parents who are out of the country and they desperately need someone to go take care of their beloved pets because the other person (friend, neighbor, Rover sitter, facebook referral) hasn't shown up. Thank goodness for cameras, alarms and door locks that let them know no one had been there! Some people don't know this until it is too late and they return home to the unimaginable. 

We've had calls from stressed out pet parents who are leaving and have not been able to reach their Rover sitter for days, or have had the sitter cancel on them at the last moment. They are leaving tomorrow. Or later today. Can we please help them?!

Our answer is yikes and yes. Not because it is easy to accommodate them (it isn't!) and not because our calendar is vacant (it isn't!) but because we are also pet parents and we care. If they are already out of town we will do what we can to take over their pet care, hopefully they have a hidden key or a landlord or emergency contact with a key. If they are still home our pet sitters will do what is necessary to go over to meet them on short notice. These real situations are not ideal for anyone! We have an emergency surcharge to help cover the myriad changes that must take place.

What is your recourse? If there is a problem with a pet sitter on an international listing website you are going to get a call center agent in another state who will attempt to manage your concerns. There is little else they can do from a remote location except offer apologies and refunds. 

We urge you to be very careful when searching for a pet sitter. Luckily, you've found our website and that's a great place to be! You will find abundant information here about our culture, our practices, our safety measures and our assurances that we will go above and beyond your expectations. Following us on Facebook will give you a daily insight into our interactions with the pets in our care. 

Here is a brief summary of why we hope your search is over now that you've found us:

  • We are locally owned and managed. You can call or text any time you have a question and you will get the owner of the company, right here in your community.
  • We have a team of pet sitters. As life throws curve balls we all experience our own crises and our team is always there to cover every visit.
  • We have been in business since 2009. We are invested in our reputation and we are a financially stable company able to function through economic peaks and valleys. 
  • We have safeguards and guarantees in place every step of the way. You will receive confirmations, visit completion notices, GPS tracking and visit reports with full disclosure about everything your pets are doing; how they are behaving, if they are eating, if they are off. We are like Santa; we know if they've been bad or good and we're going to tell you so you aren't surprised when you come home to a shredded couch cushion.
We have hired many pet sitters in our 10 year history. The most surprising discovery for new hires is that they only think they know what is involved and how to deliver the best pet care and customer service. We have a mentor program for our new pet sitters to learn all of our practices. What we have learned is that service at our level does not come intuitively.

Your pets are definitely worth hiring our experience, reliability and dedication. We're glad you are reading our articles and we hope to meet you soon!


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Pet Accidents and Destruction

Destruction Happens!

Sure, they are cute and we love them but some beloved dogs can seemingly have wild parties when they are home alone. If you suspect your dog may be prone to this behavior (Lab, Boxer, Pit and Any Adolescent Dog parents) read on for our helpful travel preparation hints!

In this collage of destruction you will find the remains of what used to be couch stuffing, things taken out of a closet and the contents of the shred bin. Oh my! Potty accidents also happen! We have seen it all on our visits and we have advice for you before you travel.

Puppies and young, energetic dogs should be crated between our visits. Crate training is an important safety measure. Your dog will need to be comfortable being crated well in advance of your departure. Dogs with severe anxiety will need a sturdier crate than the typical wire or plastic crates to prevent injuries during escape.

Before you leave here is a list of things we recommend:
Biking with Luna
  • Exercise is to dogs what location is to retail businesses. A tired dog is a good dog. If you have a high energy dog adding dog walks, dog biking sessions or hiking adventures to your schedule is a great idea.
  • Pet proof your home to keep pets away from children's toys, remote controls, upholstery and valuables. Keep bedroom, den and bathroom doors closed.
  • Gates and Scat Mats are excellent barriers for normally well-behaved dogs to keep them away from certain areas of your home.
  • Cleaning Supplies. Have an abundant supply of paper towels, carpet/tile/wood floor cleaner and grocery bags on hand. You'll want to keep them where your dog can't reach them.
  • Anti-nausea and diarrhea medication. Pepto bismol is handy for puppies and dogs who are prone to bouts of diarrhea. *
  • Dogs with separation anxiety may benefit by taking CBD oil* a month in advance of your travels. This supplement works wonders to soothe anxieties and is also an excellent anti-inflammatory for senior dogs. 
*Consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog new medications and supplements.

We will do our best to manage potty and behavioral issues. Our visit reports are full-disclosure; you won't come home to surprise destruction and we will consult with you while you're away to protect your home.

We reserve the right to extend visits by 15 minute increments to allow sufficient time to clean up after potty accidents and destructive incidents. Creature Comforts Pet Sitting Service is not liable for pet destruction.

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