How It Works

If you've never used a professional Pet Sitter before this page is for you! Here are our 6 Important Things to expect in our new relationship.

1: The Consultation

We will come to meet you and your pets just prior to your travel. We do this within 24-48 hours of your travel so your pets remember us.  Please have a spare key on hand and test it to make sure it works on all appropriate locks.  We will take lots of notes that cover all of your pet's needs. Here are some of the questions we will ask:
  • When and where does your pet eat?
  • What are the feeding instructions?
  • Are any medications or supplements given?
  • What are the favorite treats and toys?
  • Do you want us to take your dog(s) for a walk? (We recommend this to allow your pet to burn off some energy while you are away)
  • How many visits per day do you need? (Doggy doors make 1 daily visit possible depending on diet and medication needs. Indoor dogs without a doggy door will need a visit approximately every 8 hours)
During the consultation we will provide a lock box for you to secure your keys for your pet sitter. It is yours to keep for all future visits. A $15 deposit will appear on your first invoice. We will also need to know the location of cleaning supplies, bags, water shut-off, alarm access and mail/package instructions.

2: Your Schedule

This is very important to us!  Our clients love our online scheduling and pet profile management system! You can read all about it on the Scheduling page. 

Here are two very important safe-guards we have in place to ensure your schedule is submitted to us: 

  1. You will always receive a Schedule Confirmation email, usually the same day you submit your schedule. Don't leave home without receiving this confirmation! This email will outline your visits in a calendar view so you can make absolutely certain we will be there at the times you need.
  2. Three days before you leave you will receive an invoice. This email will also outline your schedule and will have payment instructions. Don't leave home without receiving this invoice!
If you don't receive those emails we are always just a phone call or text away to help you properly submit your schedule. 

3: The Visit

Your Pet Sitter will arrive during the scheduled appointment time frame. Pets with strict medication needs, such as insulin injections, that are time sensitive are done at specific times that you designate when scheduling your visits. 

Your Pet Care Instructions are in your online profile and are on the pet sitter's cell phone app. You can leave additional written instructions on the counter, if needed. We love notes!

Without being intrusive into your personal space, your home will be checked for pet accidents and other possible issues, such as storm damage during inclement weather. If your pet gets into the trash, has an accident or shreds the mop it will be cleaned up. Please leave cleaning supplies, paper towels, used grocery bags and rags in a convenient location.

4: While You're Away

We will send you visit reports to let you know how everything is going. We'll take pictures to share with you. If you will be off the grid, say you are on a cruise or in the wilderness, those notes will be waiting for you when you return to the electronic world!

We want you to enjoy your trip! Our goal is to allow you to relax knowing your pets are in good hands. Remember; the owner of the company is always a call, text or email away to personally manage your needs!

5: Your Return

When you get home you'll have a "Home Safe" email waiting. This email is short and sweet with a link to click to let us know you've made it home safely. That's it!

If we don't hear from you we will become worried.  If we can't contact you by the time the next visit would have normally been planned we are going to add a visit to come by to take care of your pet! This is a charged visit even if you're home so be sure to click the link in the email.

6: Future Visits

We are sure you will be so pleased by the care we've provided that you will call us again! You'll receive a reminder to update your online account to make sure we have your current pet care instructions before each trip.

Your pet will remember your Pet Sitter; we don't normally do additional consultations unless you think it is necessary to go over significant changes (or meet new pets!).

You can see the difference in our website. 
Experience the difference in our customer service.