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Crazy About Cats? So Are We!
Pet Sitting visits are perfect for cats! Social kitties love to see us and shy kitties just want staff to come in and take care of their needs. Either way, we've got you covered!

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Cat Sitting Visits

This service is for social kitties and includes the extra time needed to give attention, brushing and play time - as desired by the cat, of course. We will also clean the litter box daily, sweep up tracked litter and provide fresh water, food, treats and medications (cats requiring medication like insulin and thyroid cream or pills must be reliably approachable). 

Kitty Stops

This is a shorter visit for shy kitties who will be happiest with servants who will come in to clean the litter box and provide fresh water and food while not bothering them in their hiding place.  We recommend daily visits, even for shy kitties, to ensure the home is at a safe temperature, water is available and not spilled and the litter box is kept clean.

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