Sunday, January 4, 2015

Managing Water Emergencies

Our collection of jugs for Appie
Appie's dad emailed us the night before they left town for two weeks over the holidays to let us know the water heater had gone on the fritz. It had flooded their laundry room and into the garage. They had to shut the water off and asked us to keep emptying the bucket as there was still a slow trickle.

The first thought was - oh no! Followed immediately by - thank goodness it happened when they were home to control the situation! (Another great benefit of having a pet sitter coming is that we encounter and resolve household emergencies, too).

During the record breaking cold snap in 2011 we contacted our clients and, with permission, left water trickling overnight in preparation for the big event. If pipes froze we shut the water off at the main supply to prevent flooding when it warmed up a few days later. Luckily, the horses on our watch didn't have pipe issues - they drink a lot of water!

Our team is prepared for water emergencies! We will bring containers and keep your pet's water fresh throughout the outage.