Thursday, August 15, 2019

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Pet Sitting

If you're wondering whether to board or hire a professional pet sitting service, here are 4 things that make our service a great alternative to boarding.

1: Kennels don't send updates. If you add on extra services you may get a report card when you pick up your dog but communication during your trip is typically non-existent. 

Our pet sitting clients receive a visit report with pictures and all of the details of our visit with their beloved pets. Evert visit! Our reports are full disclosure; you'll know everything that is happening with your pets and home and we'll even clean up if your Keurig machine or ice maker go on the fritz. It happens!

2: Many dogs are stressed. I recently boarded Skye, above. She came home with as much food as we provided and, normally a high-energy, spunky girl, she was lethargic for a few days. She had not been eating or sleeping.  

Pets are happy at home. They run and play, they eat well, they show us all of their toys, they get to sleep in their own bed or on the couch and, when you leave the TV on for them, they have normal background noise to keep them company at home.

3: Worried about parasites? Will your dog be in a kennel or near a dog that has fleas or ticks? When pets are at home they aren't exposed to parasites or disease.

4: Pet Sitting is convenient! Kennels have set hours and most will charge an extra fee to pick up your dog on Sunday, the most common day for people to return home. Our clients return to pets who are overjoyed to welcome them home, no matter what time it is!

We offer a bonded and insured pet sitting service with 10 years experience providing professional pet care that allows pets to enjoy all the comforts of home. We have hundreds of happy clients who love the convenience of booking their visits online and traveling with peace of mind receiving our detailed visit reports while they're away. We hope to see your pets the next time you travel!

Your Pets Will Love Our Visits! You'll Love Our Customer Service!

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

You may have seen messages by people looking for a pet sitter and the many responses from the general public that either they will do it or their neighbor, friend or relative does it. We will share our Top 3 most alarming warnings!

1: They Never Came! This is the worst, by far! We had a woman call us from a European vacation, she was in a state of panic. She hadn't heard from the person who was to be taking care of her dog. Her texts and phone calls weren't being returned. Her dog had been alone and could we please go over to check on him?! Luckily, she had a hidden key and a sweet dog who was very happy to see us. We cleaned up the mess and kept him in our care until she returned. She spent the rest of her vacation with peace of mind with our visit reports letting her know we were there and how her beloved dog was doing - with pictures! Sadly, we've had a few of these calls.

2: They Had a Change of Plans. This one is most common! The phone call goes like this: "Hi, I had a (coworker, cousin, friend, kid next door) lined up but they just told me they can no longer do it because (insert reason here). We are leaving (tomorrow morning, this evening, right now). Is there any way you can have someone take care of our pets?!" Oh my!

These clients have been understandably stressed by this change in plans. It is hard to organize a last-minute consultation and we really do need to meet you and your pets before you go.

3: Last Time Nightmare. You don't want to be this person who came home to discover one or more of these things. We've had people call us because someone on a previous trip; did not come as scheduled (dog was inside until well into the afternoon), did not give their pets medication, did not give their pets water, stole from them, had people over, never saw the cat that was locked in a bedroom for a week.

Can you even imagine? These clients feel so guilty that their poor babies suffered neglect.

A professional pet sitter has a business license and is bonded and insured. Here are the Top 3 Reasons we are worth every penny!

1: A professional has a reputation in the community that we protect with amazing customer service and pet care. 
2: A professional will be accountable to you to be at your house, as scheduled, and will provide proof of care with every visit. A GPS and time-stamped visit report with an update about your pets and pictures will allow you to travel with peace of mind.
3: We know pets! You would be surprised at the things we've encountered behind the closed door. We can handle it whether it is a pet that isn't behaving normally or an ice maker that has gone awry. Your pet and your home are in professional hands.

At Creature Comforts you have an added benefit. We have a team of pet sitters! We are always available to our clients and our team gives us the added advantage of being able to cover our own personal emergencies and illnesses. 

You will never have to worry. That is our promise to you.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Rose Goes to the Vet

Rose is a frequent guest with our pet sitter, Mayra, who boards dogs in her home. She is quite the social butterfly with the other dogs and cats in the home who are always so happy to see her!

Rose's mom has often said that she thinks Rose likes it better at Mayra's house than at her own! She does have a lot of friends when she's on puppy vacation!

Rose has a chronic health condition, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, and her mom said she had recently taken another turn for the worse. They had planned on taking Rose on their road trip to Tennessee but felt it would be too stressful, given her declining health. Mayra was happy to welcome her to her home away from home and agreed to take her to the vet for a scheduled evaluation, knowing the news could be grim. 

Mayra spent the first week pampering Rose with lots of love and giving her the joy of being with friends. 

Mayra took Rose to the vet and her blood test showed that she had a slight improvement over the decline that had made her feel so bad. There is no cure for her condition but it appears that lifting her spirits had a positive effect and her mom and the vet are happy with the results!