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Ariel is a furry client and we sure get a lot
of comments about our matching hair-do's!

Personal Information:

My Beautiful Angel Dogs!
I have loved and lost my three dogs who were with me when I started this business in 2009. I've had to make sad updates to this page as each of them passed away in their beautiful senior years. I memorialize them with this picture that shows their absolute joy for life. 

Jake, Roxie and Taz. Unconditional love. I will remember them always.

Maggie is my amazing cat. I was scrolling through Facebook one night when I saw her face in a post that she was being re-homed. I whispered to my husband, "You're not sleeping are you?" and I may have actually shaken him while asking. Just to be sure he was awake. I showed him my iPad and said I had asked the woman if we could go see her in the morning.

Maggie is an amazing cat and she's been with us for 5 years. She comes when she is called (most of the time) and she has a vocabulary of meow's she uses to manipulate us. I'm hungry, I want treats, I just woke up and want to make sure you are home, let me out of this room (she is not allowed in my African Violet room but will occasionally be trapped in there). She is very sweet and sassy and she is the reason our Christmas tree is up for only 2 days.

Skye is a Blue Heeler and she is the newest love of my life. She's almost 2 years old now and we cherish every moment we get to have with her. She is smart, obedient, thoughtful, energetic and funny. We recently learned that she is also brave as we took her for her first sheep herding lesson. It was amazing to see the gene kick in as she figured out how to make large animals move on her command!

Hubby secretly worries that I am going to buy pets for our pets. How hard can it be to sheer sheep, anyway?

Professional Experience
I have owned and operated retail pet stores and have been a student and teacher of animal husbandry throughout my adult life.  Customers relied on me to give them the best advice possible for their pet care needs.  My store had over 200 aquariums stocked with tropical and salt water fish, a reptile department whose star attraction was an 18 foot Bermese Python, 4 walk-in flight aviaries and a full selection of small animals.  

Since starting this business in 2009 I have discovered that I love the sheer joy my furry clients show upon my arrival.  How could I possibly resist Great Danes trying to share the space of a small window that looks out at the driveway as they wiggle their whole bodies when they see me pull in? So many wonderful pets have welcomed me into their homes with glee throughout the years and we have joyful reunions when their parents travel.

Playing Ball with Bubba
Why I started a pet sitting business. I believe that pets left in the comfort of their own home are less stressed by your travels than when they are boarded. Your pets will agree!  

My personal experience comes from when my husband and I evacuated for the 2011 Montezuma fire and stayed at my parents' home where I got to see, first hand, how my dogs became stressed by being away from home. They didn't sleep soundly, they didn't eat properly (at home they drool while their food is being prepared!), they were anxious and they barked at noises at night. All that even though it was grandma's house and I was there with them. During this time I also volunteered at a veterinary clinic taking care of evacuated dogs and saw how stressed they were in that environment. It gave me new insight into the absolute value of providing a pet sitting service that allows pets to stay at home while their parents travel.

My promise to you is we will take care of your pets as we do our own while you are away from home.  We will do more than feed and water your pets.  Our job is to see to their care and comfort in your absence. We will communicate with you with every visit and send you pictures that let you know they are happy.

Trust is what it all comes down to. Our clients have provided their feedback for your review. We have taken care of their pets, plants and homes and their satisfaction is how our business is built. With several hundred clients and 13 pet sitters we have the experience and resources necessary to provide the best possible care for your pets.

Thanks for looking at my page!  Book your free consultation by clicking the button on the home page or just give me a call. Unlike national listing services, like Rover and Wag, I am always just a phone call, text or email away to personally manage all of your needs.

Sherry Nichols
(520) 333-7387

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