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Meet our fabulous team of pet sitters 

Why choose Creature Comforts? In addition to being bonded and insured, our pet sitters are a dedicated team of professional animal care experts. We offer a distinct advantage in having a team to guarantee that you will always have the coverage you need. 

Many pet sitting companies are operated by a single person and are subject to downtime due to illness, emergencies, being over-booked, car trouble, vacation and myriad things that happen in life.

Our dynamic team absorbs all of the last-minute scheduling needs without missing a beat!

Creature Comforts is delighted to have created jobs in our community to support some terrific pet sitters as they pursue their goals. Here they are!

Mayra Animals have been an essential part of my life even before I could speak or walk.  I currently have a little rescue "farm" with many pets which include dogs, cats, goats, chickens, Oscar fish, even a 4-foot iguana! Last year, I helped one of my rescue goats give birth to beautiful triplets! I am glad I was there since the last baby almost didn’t make it and I had to help her during labor! It was an amazing life-changing experience that I will never forget.

I am a passionate animal advocate and love being surrounded by their wonderful, loving souls! I have extensive experience pet sitting all types of dog breeds (big and small), cats (friendly and shy), horses, pigs, goats, birds, bunnies, reptiles, spiders, waterfowl, fish and turtles. I also have experience administering medications to multiple types of animals and caring for diabetic dogs and cats.

Animals aren’t a PART of my life… animals ARE MY LIFE. When I am not pet sitting, you will find me cuddling my own furry babies, volunteering at animal rescue organizations, or drawing cute animal portraits.  Let me cuddle with your best friends! Pampering them is my specialty! 

Ayla I have a large and happy family including one cat and four dogs. My cat Voodoo is the queen of the house, and she has her own Knight (my senior golden retriever) a princess (my long haired chi mix). I also have a hairy little Chinese crested named Gary and a hairless Chinese crested named Munchkin. Munchkin is a tiny little 4lb fighter and I have learned a lot from her throughout her recovery process. When she first started living with me she was paralyzed from the waist down, the veterinarian said she'd never walk again. With time, care, and effort she has recovered use of her back legs and walks on four paws. She does have some nerve damage but she is a happy little dog. Because of my experience with senior dogs and dogs in recovery I am comfortable administering medications and caring for dogs who need extra attention.

I have a variety of background experience, from growing up on a ranch to working with retail products for pets. I have been pet sitting for friends and family for almost ten years. My experience with retail products (including toys, nutritional supplements, regular dog/cat food as well as feed products for other animals, litters, and many other products) comes from working with these products for over three years. You may have seen me in your local PetsMart, CAL ranch store, or Tractor Supply doing demos, handing out pamphlets, or working with inventory.

Patty  I have always been an animal lover.  I grew up on a farm and am familiar with farm animals.  I can give oral and injectible medications.

I enjoy being able to take care of animals while clients are gone, giving them peace of mind that their pets are getting the best care.

Audrey I've had a passion for animals since I was four years old when I rescued my first dog. I've been volunteering and working with a small animal rescue in town called Little Lotus Rescue and Sanctuary for 10 years.

Being a pet sitter is a dream job for me. I have worked with so many abused animals that it's really nice to work with our clients who vigorously take care of their animals and give them the best possible care.

My goal in life is to open up a farm where people of all ages can come when they have issues in their life to help them overcome their problems with the love of animals. 

This job helps me better understand all the different kinds of animals so that one day I may be able to work on my dream. 


I have been around animals since I was born. Growing up my family has had a goat, a horse,and numerous dogs. Currently I have 2 cats -Snickers and Skittles. I find it both absolutely calming and exciting to be around animals. 

I love being a pet sitter because of my strong passion to help people and their pets, as well as the quality time spent with your fur kids.I'd love to cuddle your fur babies! 

When I'm not pet sitting I am a mother of 2 wonderful children and I have returned back to school to pursue my goals in nursing.

Our sitters work hard to get 5 star Google Reviews from our clients who have been where you are; searching for the best care for their beloved pets.

Excellence in customer service for your peace of mind while you travel is important to us. We want you to enjoy your trip knowing your pets are happy at home. We'll keep in touch with you with fun notes, pictures and videos.

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