Dog Services

Dogs are happiest at home where they won't suffer from the stress of being caged; surrounded by other anxious, barking dogs. Your dogs will love our visits! You will love our customer service!

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Pet Sitting

Each pet sitting visit includes everything your dog will need; meals, fresh water, medications, potty time, pet waste removal, exercise, play time and plenty of love!

Also included; bringing in the mail, packages and newspapers, blind and light rotation for home security and watering plants.  Our enhanced visit reports will let you know how your pets are doing while you’re away.

Longer visits are available for clients with a lot of pets, complex care routines or large gardens that need watered.

Overnight Pet Sitting

It's a slumber party your dogs are sure to enjoy! Your pet sitter will stay in your home for an extended 12 hour stay to keep your dogs company overnight. There is no extra charge for sharing the guest bed with all of your dogs, even if they are Great Danes!

This service is available to non-smoking homes that are tidy and in a safe area.

Potty Breaks

For dogs of all ages! Potty breaks will keep your home accident free. This service is perfect for busy professionals who can’t make it home mid-day to let the dogs out as well as homes with puppies and senior dogs who have bladder control challenges.

We offer temporary scheduling as well as our most popular weekly scheduling with a contracted rate. Whether you work a Monday through Friday schedule or your work schedule varies week to week, we can take the dogs out at a specified time of day while you’re away.

Puppies 8-12 weeks should be let out every 3 hours, 12-16 weeks every 4 hours, 16-20 weeks and senior dogs every 6 hours. All other adult dogs should have a break if you will be away from home longer than 8 hours.

Dog Walking and Dog Biking

We will take your dogs for a walk or bike ride to fulfill the essential need every dog has to exercise and explore their environment. Dog Walking and Biking is available on a daily schedule or as-needed when you travel.

A tired dog is a happy dog is a good dog!

Experience the difference Creature Comforts offers with our innovative use of available technologies like GPS mapping! When you choose our dog walking or biking service you will get a map of our adventure that will show you our route.

Pet Waste Removal

Has it been a while since you’ve gotten around to this chore? Don’t worry! No job is too big or too small.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly and one-time pet waste removal service. We will keep your yard waste free so you can enjoy your barbecues and your children can play. A clean yard is a healthy yard for your pets and your family.

We just went to the groomer!
Pet Taxi

Do you need to have your dog picked up and taken to or from the vet, boarding facility or groomer? In our world of busy schedules this service is perfect for you!

There is no need to take time off work. We will coordinate appointment times for pick up and delivery to either take them there, bring them home or both!

For your convenience we accept the following methods of payment:
Personal Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and PayPal