Pet Parents have a lot of questions when considering the Pet Sitting alternative to boarding. Here are some of the most common questions and concerns to help you make the right choice.

Q: How do I know you will be there when you are supposed to be?

A: This is the big one. It is a question of dependability and is entirely understandable! We have read the tragic stories of people who have used national services and we want you to have absolute faith in our locally owned and operated service. Your pets and our reputation depend on our being where we are scheduled to be. We take that VERY seriously.

Our online scheduling system uses a pet sitter app with GPS and Time Stamped visit arrival and completion data so we never miss a beat. This information comes to you in every visit report. The manager is immediately alerted if any visit is late.

Q: It seems weird to let someone in my house. Will you go through my stuff?

A: That can be a weird feeling. We are professionals and respect your privacy. Having access to your house does not grant us access to your cupboards, bedrooms, closets, etc. Unless you keep a pet in a bedroom we won't enter it. If your cleaning supplies are available on the counter or in a specified location (as noted on your care sheet) we won't go looking for paper towels when your pet has an accident. Closed doors remain closed. Our reputation depends on your personal satisfaction and security. We are Bonded and Insured.

Q: I have a shy dog who doesn't really like strangers, will you be able to take care of her?

A: While shy dogs are the most challenging of all pet behaviors it is not uncommon for those dogs to warm up to us very quickly. 

During the consultation we will practice the No Touch, No Talk, No Eye Contact greeting. This allows them to smell us while not feeling threatened by us. Usually, during the consultation, they will come around. (This doesn't work for shy cats as they are not impressed by our presence in their domain and will generally hide in an undisclosed location.)

Q: I have an aggressive dog, will you be able to get in the house when I am not home?

A: True aggression is rare. Most behavior that seems like aggression is actually fear. Fearful dogs are more likely to bite than any other dog behavior. During the consultation we'll ask that you leave the dog outside or in another room when we enter the house. When the dog is calm we can allow introduction in a non-threatening way. Depending on that meeting we may ask you to schedule a pre-trip visit when you are home and you leave the dog in our care. Dinner visits work best for this so the dog associates us with being fed. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We understand that life happens and plans change. We will not charge you for visits cancelled with a 24 hour cancellation notice. If it is a same day cancellation a $10 late cancellation fee will apply. If the pet sitter is on the way or arrives at your home the standard visit rate will be charged.

Q: My pet needs medication, can you administer it?

A: Yes. We have experience with oral and injectable medications for dogs, cats and horses. We will do the consultation at a time when medication is given in order to learn your personal routine.

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