Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Rose Goes to the Vet

Rose is a frequent guest with our pet sitter, Mayra, who boards dogs in her home. She is quite the social butterfly with the other dogs and cats in the home who are always so happy to see her!

Rose's mom has often said that she thinks Rose likes it better at Mayra's house than at her own! She does have a lot of friends when she's on puppy vacation!

Rose has a chronic health condition, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, and her mom said she had recently taken another turn for the worse. They had planned on taking Rose on their road trip to Tennessee but felt it would be too stressful, given her declining health. Mayra was happy to welcome her to her home away from home and agreed to take her to the vet for a scheduled evaluation, knowing the news could be grim. 

Mayra spent the first week pampering Rose with lots of love and giving her the joy of being with friends. 

Mayra took Rose to the vet and her blood test showed that she had a slight improvement over the decline that had made her feel so bad. There is no cure for her condition but it appears that lifting her spirits had a positive effect and her mom and the vet are happy with the results!