Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Home and Garden Care

One of our plant clients has 72 potted plants outside!
We have a busy summer schedule taking care of pets as well as houseplants, outdoor plants and vegetable gardens. If you have a collection of plants that will need to be watered you can put yourself on our schedule for our Home and Garden plant watering service.

We've even taken care of several orchid collections with automated lighting systems and humidifiers that needed to be kept full. All you have to do is leave detailed instructions!

Your plants will get our customary TLC with gentle and thorough watering. Our team of expert pet sitters also includes a few plant specialists with green thumbs who will make sure your plants survive our summer heat. 

We'll also collect your mail and the newspapers that tend to be thrown in yards as well as any packages you might be receiving.

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Emergency Vet Care

We have a form, Where In The World Are You Going, that our clients should fill out before each trip. You might be wondering why we need to know a few things each time you leave.

Emergencies Happen! We'll need to know where you are to contact you. Recently, we contacted a client not knowing it was 3 am in Europe. That situation, while urgent, certainly could have waited a few hours! We also have clients who are outside cell range for myriad reasons. In a crisis we will need to know if we aren't going to be able to reach you so we can begin our emergency protocol immediately.

Notify Your Veterinarian. We cannot stress this enough. Some vets will refuse treatment if you
Shadow had sudden kidney failure
haven't given your permission to treat in your absence. Treatment may be delayed while they try to reach you. In one unfortunate situation we had a dog in significant pain who was caged all day at the clinic only to be refused treatment when the clinic could not reach the client. We had another dog, who had essentially stopped breathing, that we rushed to a different clinic. They would only perform life-saving measures (intubation) and we had a great deal of trouble trying to reach a member of the family before finally finding the ex-wife who called the son who found his father. It was very stressful! Don't let your pet's care be delayed or declined. You'll get a reminder before each trip to notify your vet that your pets will be in our care and we will then have access to emergency care. 

Natural Disasters. We watch for weather issues that could delay our clients so we can make plans in advance to schedule more visits when we know we have a client traveling where a weather alert has been issued that could delay travel. If we know you are in Puerto Rico and a hurricane has just taken out all power there we are going to schedule visits for several more days until we hear from you.

Home Safe. You'll get an email at the end of each trip that has a link to click to close your service ticket when you are home safe. This makes sure that all of the pets remain in our care in the event of a travel delay. It's tempting to reply to the email but please do click the link as that has an automated process involved.

We care about our clients' pets and we have developed this form to make sure all of the pets in our care have all that they need in the event of an emergency. Your cooperation is appreciated and it only takes a few minutes! 😊

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