Sunday, February 22, 2015

Scheduling Service Types

When you're ready to schedule visits for your pets this guide, that explains each service, will help you choose the right service types. You may choose a variety of visit lengths as you create your schedule.

Our most common schedule for indoor dogs is: 7 am 30 minute visit, 4 pm 30 minute visit, 8 pm potty break. You may, of course, add visits or change visit timing based on your dog's needs.

  • Potty Break. This is a 20 minute visit and does not include meals or other services. Choose this visit if we are coming by to let your dogs out to go potty.
  • Pet Sitting 30 minute visit. This is our most common visit to cover almost all situations. Please choose this visit for meal times to allow the extra 10 minutes for meal preparation, potty before and after eating, and cleanup. 
  • Pet Sitting Extended 45, 60 or 90 Minute Visits. Add $5 for each additional 15 minutes on top of our basic 30 minute visit if you want or need longer visits. 
  • Pet Sitting Overnight. Choose this visit type if we will be staying overnight at your house. The pet sitter arrives at 7 pm and stays at your house until 7 am. This includes feeding breakfast and dinner. If your dogs are housebound (no dog door) please also schedule a mid-day potty break.
  • Kitty Stop. For people who have a few cats and just need us to stop by to feed, water and clean the litter boxes. If your cats need medication or if you have other chores we need to do like watering plants or if you have a lot of cats with a lot of litter boxes please choose our 30 minute Pet Sitting visit.
Other Services:
  • Dog Walk. Choose a 30 minute or 45 minute dog walk. There is a $2.50 additional fee for the second and each additional dog.  
  • House Sitting. This is a live in visit. Choose this service if we will be at your house the entire time you're away. The sitter will typically leave to run errands and may do a few visits for other clients but will be at your house most of the day and all night. 
  • Pet Taxi. Choose whether we are picking your dog up at your house to take to an appointment or we are picking up at the appointment and taking them home.
  • Pet Waste Removal. The manager will schedule this recurring visit for you to maintain your yard weekly or every other week year-round. It is not necessary to schedule pet waste removal during our pet sitting schedule as keeping your yard clean while you're away is included in our pet sitting care.
  • Home and Garden Care. This is for our clients who don't have pets (yes, there are people who don't!) or who are taking their pets with them and need us to come by to water the plants and/or check on the house.

All other services you will see in the drop down menu in the scheduling system are assigned by the manager to account for additional or unexpected circumstances like an emergency trip to the vet while you're away, purchasing food if there wasn't enough to last, jobs that are so large they require more than one person, etc. These services will be added if needed and we will discuss them with you in advance.