Sunday, February 22, 2015

Scheduling Service Types

When you're ready to schedule visits for your pets this guide, that explains each service, will help you choose the right service types. Shorter visits, such as Potty Breaks and Kitty Stops are at a slightly reduced cost while longer visits, such as our Extended visit are at a slightly increased cost.

First a note about choosing the time of the visit. Our schedule runs in two-hour time frames during our hours of operation; 7 am - 9 pm. The visits are not two hours long, they range from 20 to 45 minutes as outlined below. Visits before and after hours are available at a $2.00 surcharge for your pet sitter and you will see this on the list of time frames.

1: Pet Sitting. This is our most common visit to cover almost all situations. This visit is about 30 minutes and is all-inclusive.

2: Pet Sitting Extended. This is a normal pet sitting visit and it is about 45 minutes to allow time for more pets, more chores, a walk, lots of plants or just more cuddle or play time. If you have a lot of pets and/or livestock and the visit will take longer than 30 minutes, choose this service.

3: Pet Sitting Three Canyons or Whetstone. Choose this visit type if you live in those areas for all service needs (even potty breaks and kitty stops) except Overnight which should be chosen if that is what you need. Mileage and travel time are factored into the specific areas.

4: Pet Sitting Overnight. Choose this visit type if we will be staying overnight at your house.

5: Potty Break. This is a 20 minute visit and does not include meals or other services. Choose this visit if we are coming by to let your dogs out to go potty.

6: Kitty Stop. For people who have a few cats and just need us to stop by to feed, water and clean the litter boxes. If your cats need medication or if you have other chores we need to do like water plants or if you have a lot of cats with a lot of litter boxes choose our Pet Sitting visit.

7: Dog Walk. This is a 30 minute dog walk. Extended dog walks are available. 

8: Dog Boarding. This service is not currently available.

9: House Sitting. This is a live in visit. Choose this service if we will be at your house the entire time you're away. The sitter will typically leave to run errands but will be at your house most of the day and all night. 

10: Pet Taxi. Choose whether we are picking your dog up at your house to take to an appointment or we are picking up at the appointment and taking them home.

11: Dog Park. This is a 1 hour trip to the dog park on 7th St and Buffalo Soldier Trail. This is available to pre-screened dogs only. Clients are responsible for any mishaps that may occur while dogs are at the dog park which may include getting into fights with other dogs.

12: Pet Waste Removal. Choose which one best fits your needs. If you have multiple dogs a weekly visit is our recommendation.

13: Home and Garden Care. This is for our clients who don't have pets (yes, there are people who don't!) or who are taking their pets with them and need us to come by to water the plants, garden, etc.

All other services are assigned by the manager to account for additional or unexpected circumstances like an emergency trip to the vet while you're away, purchasing food if there wasn't enough to last, jobs that are so large they require more than one person, etc. These services will be added if needed and we will discuss them with you in advance.