Scheduling FAQ

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Scheduling is as easy as 1 2 3
The most important aspect of our business relationship is your schedule! While most pet sitters schedule with a day planner or other personal calendar we use a robust online scheduling system. We give YOU the controls! Here are just some of the perks:
  • Manage your pet care requirements, as shown below, by filling out the diet and medication fields as well as adding detailed notes about each pet. Upload your favorite pictures! This information appears on the pet sitter's schedule app so we always have it available.
  • You can check your schedule from any computer or cell phone with internet access - anywhere in the world! You never have to wonder if you are on our calendar.
  • You can add, edit or cancel your appointments with just a click. If your return trip is delayed no problem! Just add the visits you'll need until you get home.
  • You can add notes to any or all appointments. Perfect for those special occasions when you want specific things done on any given visit.
  • See below for an inside look at how your pet sitter's schedule app guarantees excellent service!
Tell us all about your pets!

At Creature Comforts we use the latest technology available in the pet care industry to give you the best customer experience and to ensure your pets are cared for when and how you want. 

One of the most common questions people have is - how will I know someone was there and that they didn't just quickly give food and leave? We have you covered!

Our sitter app provides accountability! You can rest assured that our cell phone app documents each visit for the manager.
  • GPS check in and check out at the start and finish of each visit logs the visit time, duration and location in the management console.
  • As visits are completed they turn from white to green on the sitter's app. At a glance the pet sitter can see which visits have been done and which are outstanding.
  • Urgent visits, such as diabetic pets and dogs without doggy doors who need to go out for potty ASAP in the morning, are marked in red for the sitter to easily prioritize the visits.
  • Your pet care profile is in the app for easy access to diet and medication as well as your notes and instructions. The sitter always has this information for reference on every visit. (Please keep it up to date for us as it is our favorite and most-used feature!)

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