Client Testimonials

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Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter is a big decision.  You are trusting your beloved pets and your home to someone's care.  

We, at Creature Comforts, go beyond what is expected to provide the best pet care and excellent customer service.  Many of our clients have posted 5 Star reviews publicly on Google while others, who may not have a Google account or want to maintain a bit of anonymity, have emailed them to us to post here, on our site.

First, a message from a few canine clients who are obviously pleased with our care and happy to be at home! Watch for the photo bomb in the second video and an overjoyed Doberman in the final video! 

Here is what our human clients have to say!

We had a new client schedule service for a week over Thanksgiving. While they were away they had a family emergency that extended their trip for an additional three weeks. As with all clients who travel, we are in constant contact and we were aware of their situation as they continued to schedule more visits several days at a time.

Because we have a team of pet sitters we are always able to absorb the workload. Our clients never have to worry. We also have the experience to deal with emergencies that happen with their pets. In this case one of their dogs jumped the fence to attack their other dog who was kept in a smaller pen in the back yard. We consulted the client, sent them pictures of the wounds, took the dog to the vet for treatment, and administered the antibiotics and warm compresses for a week until the cone finally came off when the dog was fully healed! We added extra daily visits to accommodate the potty break for the injured dog who was being kept in the house to prevent further altercations.

They were gone for such a long time that the dog food ran out and we replenished it with the same brand. We took the dogs for walks on every visit to help with their energy and emotional well-being to prevent destructive behavior. Our client graced us with this public review on Facebook!

Bailey is a 12-year old male Bengal with direct ancestry tracing back to the late 1960’s Asian Leopard Cat introduction into the United States. When Bailey was 11 In May 2011 after much intense testing here and in Tucson, he was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma of the small intestine....devastating news to anyone. He had a good outlook with proper medication and lots of attention to detail. For the past 7 months due to his medication needs and very erratic eating patterns, I have been unwilling to leave him for any reason and have not had a vacation or outing other than working and local events. It dawned on me to call upon Sherry to investigate her willingness to try and take care of him with such a serious condition. He is on a Chemotherapy liquid and other liquid medications in very exact amounts at the same times per day to keep him as stable as possible. Sherry took notes and practiced giving medication, and I was able to go on a 5 day mini-vacation with complete peace of mind that she could manage the regimen. He could’ve easily stopped eating entirely, but I knew Sherry would not let that happen. Sherry not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. I had complete faith that Sherry would care for my precious Bailey the same way I did. I also like that she is accessible at almost any time and returns calls immediately. She even took a little video of him eating and e-mailed it to me. Bailey was in very good hands and I am grateful for such an excellent, reliable, and professional pet sitting service. Submitted by Karyl with Bailey and Gracie.

Creature Comforts is the best! I previously had not such good experience with other pet care services. Since I go TDY quite frequently, I did decide to give one more chance on finding someone to watch my 3 dogs. I read all the great reviews and decided to give them a call. Sherry did the greatest job. While I was TDY Sherry sent me text message with photos of my babies. It is such a relief to be able to go away and know that my dogs and pond fish were getting the best care. I will definitely be be using Sherry for my next TDY. Thank you some much Sherry!!!  Submitted by Yvonne with Princess, Dottie and Sonny

Sherry took care of our two dogs when we were out of town during the record breaking cold in February [2011]. Our two dogs normally sleep outside in their dog house. Sherry called us one evening and said the temperature was 17 degrees F. and getting colder. She suggested that she bring the dogs into the garage and let them sleep overnight in an old dog kennel. We agreed to this and Sherry from then on until it warmed up made extra trips to put the dogs in the garage at night and let them out in the morning.  

She called a few days later to tell us a pipe had broken in our backyard. We asked her to please turn the water off to our entire house. The water shut off is out near the street and very hard to turn off. Sherry and her husband were able to turn the water off even in the extreme cold. Sherry then carried water to the dogs each day from elsewhere. I don't think many dog sitters would have put in this extra effort that Sherry did. 

Also, she has a real rapport with dogs. One of our dogs is shy and wary of strangers but the first time Sherry came over this dog came up to her and let Sherry pet her. We will definitely use Sherry again and highly recommend her. Submitted by Sandy and Joe with Oley and Mindy

First time I ever used a pet sitter and I am positive I found the best!  I have 3 dogs and 3 indoor cats (all rescues). I have a Black Lab (Castle) that is recovering from major bone surgery, a Golden/Irish (Sage) who is a loving bundle of energy, and a recent rescue Yellow Lab (Huckleberry) that needed lots of gentle understanding.

Sherry came to my home to juggle animal interaction to protect Castle’s recovery, scoop kitty boxes daily, feed everyone based on detailed requirements, and doctor Huckleberry’s “Happy Tail”.  Her pet service didn’t end with the physical care of my animals - she loved on and cuddled my pets, to include throwing a slobbery ball during the scheduled play visit.

Sherry is an amazing person with an enormous amount of knowledge on animal health and care.  She conducts her business with an honest integrity and I trust her completely.  When business or pleasure calls me away from my home I know exactly who I will call to care for my crew!  Submitted by Renee with Sage, Castle, Huck, Chaos, Violet and Chandler Bing

Sherry is ready at a moment's notice to provide excellent care to pets. We have two special dogs and she does great with them. One of our dogs is quite timid and Sherry makes her feel comfortable and maintains great care while we are gone. She also goes above and beyond the pet care needs by bringing in our mail and watering our plants. It is great to know we have a wonderful pet sitter to watch our crazy dogs when we have to leave.   Submitted by Dana with Ava and Veronica (Ronnie).

Creature Comforts is the Best! Sherry came to my house prior to our vacation and took copious notes. She texted me halfway through our two week vacation to let me know that my animals were doing great! She provided amazing service. I have two cats (one requiring shots twice a day to manager her diabetes), a dog, hamster, frogs, fish and she took care of them all, as well as watered all of my plants! Her services were wonderful and all for a very reasonable price. When I returned home none of my animals were stressed, everyone was happy. So we will certainly be using Creature Comforts again! Submitted by Laura with Lucy, Kitties, Hamster, Frog, Spider, etc etc!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has been by far the best experience our pets have ever had. We will never use a kennel again. Our "old man" is happy along with the rest of our pets. Sherry provides a great service, thank you! We look forward to having her provide care for our pets again in the future.   Submitted by Lora with Jack and Monte

Loved the service! We hired Sherry to check in on our cats when we went to NH to visit family in February. We were supposed to be gone 7 days but thanks to bad weather we were stuck another 2 days. We called Sherry and asked if she could make an extra visit to check on our cats until we got home and she immediately agreed. It was such a relief when dealing with the airline and other stress of being stranded. We will definitely hire them again to pet sit for us when we're out of town. Submitted by Diane with 6 Kitties!

The services offered were great! Sherry is very professional, took notes, kept us informed of how our dogs were doing, made sure they ate and received their medication, all in the comfort of our own home. We can now go on vacation and know that our "kids" are well taken care of. Submitted by Brittney with Jack, Jill and Koda