Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pet Sitting and Cream Cheese

I have a cream cheese addiction. I like to take my daily vitamins with a few crackers and cream cheese before starting an action packed day of pet sitting.

Recently, I decided to try the grocery store brand that was on sale. It had a sour taste and I thought maybe the package was bad so I threw it away. The next day I noticed the new package also had the same unpleasant taste. I gave my husband a few crackers with cream cheese on them and he also said it tasted funny. I disliked it so much I missed taking my vitamins for a few days until I went back to the store to get the brand name cream cheese we all know and love.

I couldn't wait! I had to treat myself to a snack before dinner and the joy at having that silky, creamy spread on the crackers was divine. I will never go back to the discounted brand again. You get what you pay for.

The same is true for pet sitting and pet boarding. We have heard a number of complaints from new clients about other pet sitting companies and hobbyists (the difference being, a company will have a business license, insurance and bond whereas a hobbyist will not but may invest in a car magnet and business cards). 

The complaints ranged from two separate clients telling us they came home to have to clean their bathrooms of human waste to a client who saw on his cameras that the pet sitter did not come for visits and he had to rush home due to being unable to reach her to a client whose cat died from neglect having been locked in a bedroom for 2 weeks. 

We may be a few dollars more than other pet sitters. We are most definitely more than you would pay the kid next door. We invest in our business by utilizing a scheduling system that gives you GPS check in and check out time-stamped arrival and completion reports so you will know, with certainty, that your pet sitter was at your house at the scheduled times and you'll know how long they spent with your pets. We invest in our team by having a group chat where every pet sitter has immediate team support and by having team meetings and dinners that build our relationships. We invest in our clients by studying and perfecting our customer service practices. We invest in pets by participating with local rescues and continuing our pet care education through experience and reputable sources.

If you have had a bad taste we encourage you to not give up on the amazing pet sitting industry. Try a brand that has a great reputation! 

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