Thursday, April 7, 2016

Low Cost Vaccination Clinics in Sierra Vista

Rabies Outbreak! Recently, a hiker was attacked by a rabid skunk in the Huachucas. There have been several altercations between dogs and rabid skunks in residential areas. Scarier still, a feral kitten tested positive for rabies after the skunk that was living under the home-owner's spa tested positive. The home-owner is undergoing rabies treatment and the other feral cats on the property have been euthanized for rabies testing (if they are positive Animal Control will canvas the area door-to-door to warn residents and enforce the rabies vaccination law.

Did you know that if your dogs are not vaccinated and they get into a skirmish with a rabid animal, Animal Control will require them to be euthanized?!

We are now requiring proof of vaccination for our safety - and your pet's!

Sierra Vista area feed stores host several low cost vaccination clinics each month! You can get rabies and routine vaccinations, microchips, deworming and even heartworm tests done at an affordable cost for your dogs and cats.

  • Tractor Supply has a clinic twice each month. For prices and dates click here.
  • Ramsey Canyon Feed & Pet has a clinic on the first Friday of each month. For location, time and prices click here.
  • Jem's Feed & Farm Co. has a clinic on the first and third Saturday of each month. Click here for their calendar and pricing.

Did you know that for around $25 you can have your pet microchipped? Check out the procedures and prices at the above clinics!