Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pet Sitter GPS Visit Location

We embrace all of the technology available to us to be transparent to our customers. Our scheduling system has a lot of features that our customers love; like being able to schedule their visits with just a few clicks of the mouse, managing their pet care profiles, being able to view visit reports in their account and by email and much more.

Our visit reports also include a map that will show the GPS location stamp where the pet sitter marked the visit arrival and completion as well as the location of the client's home.  

As you can see, our visits are action packed! The above map shows the pet sitter had quite a few chores taking care of the four dogs, cleaning the back yard, moving the parrot cage into the spare bedroom for bedtime peace and quiet and checking the mail. 

Our clients can simply click on the Visit Map to see the map or satellite overview of the arrival and completion location while the visit report captures the time in and out.  

The note will let you know how everything is, if there are any problems, a description of the activities and an informative report as to how the visit went. Our clients love the personal touch and you will, too!

At Creature Comforts we hope to exceed your expectations for service and care!

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