Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Pet Accidents and Destruction

Destruction Happens!

Sure, they are cute and we love them but some beloved dogs can seemingly have wild parties when they are home alone. If you suspect your dog may be prone to this behavior (Lab, Boxer, Pit and Any Adolescent Dog parents) read on for our helpful travel preparation hints!

In this collage of destruction you will find the remains of what used to be couch stuffing, things taken out of a closet and the contents of the shred bin. Oh my! Potty accidents also happen! We have seen it all on our visits and we have advice for you before you travel.

Puppies and young, energetic dogs should be crated between our visits. Crate training is an important safety measure. Your dog will need to be comfortable being crated well in advance of your departure. Dogs with severe anxiety will need a sturdier crate than the typical wire or plastic crates to prevent injuries during escape.

Before you leave here is a list of things we recommend:
Biking with Luna
  • Exercise is to dogs what location is to retail businesses. A tired dog is a good dog. If you have a high energy dog adding dog walks, dog biking sessions or hiking adventures to your schedule is a great idea.
  • Pet proof your home to keep pets away from children's toys, remote controls, upholstery and valuables. Keep bedroom, den and bathroom doors closed.
  • Gates and Scat Mats are excellent barriers for normally well-behaved dogs to keep them away from certain areas of your home.
  • Cleaning Supplies. Have an abundant supply of paper towels, carpet/tile/wood floor cleaner and grocery bags on hand. You'll want to keep them where your dog can't reach them.
  • Anti-nausea and diarrhea medication. Pepto bismol is handy for puppies and dogs who are prone to bouts of diarrhea. *
  • Dogs with separation anxiety may benefit by taking CBD oil* a month in advance of your travels. This supplement works wonders to soothe anxieties and is also an excellent anti-inflammatory for senior dogs. 
*Consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog new medications and supplements.

We will do our best to manage potty and behavioral issues. Our visit reports are full-disclosure; you won't come home to surprise destruction and we will consult with you while you're away to protect your home.

We reserve the right to extend visits by 15 minute increments to allow sufficient time to clean up after potty accidents and destructive incidents. Creature Comforts Pet Sitting Service is not liable for pet destruction.

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