Sunday, July 27, 2014

Client Scheduling Guideline

Our clients enjoy the power and freedom of managing their schedules in their online accounts. Here are guidelines for using the scheduling system and tips and tricks for getting the most out of your online account.

Let's get started! Here is what you will see when you log in to your account. 

  • Click on Request Visits.

We highly recommend watching the short video on requesting services which will take you through the 3 easy steps. In the above screen shot we are scheduling for Labor Day Weekend and the first and last dates of service have been selected.

  • Our next step is to select the service type on the first day.

Services explained: 

  • Basic Visit is 25 minutes. This is full service with meals, play time and potty breaks included.
  • Extended Visit is 45 minutes
  • Kitty Stop to clean litter boxes, feed, fresh water.
  • Overnight is typically 7pm-7am. Our sitter will stay in your home for a 12 hour period. Breakfast and Dinner will be fed.
  • Potty Break is 20 minutes. Choose this if your dog just needs to get out to go potty and a meal is not required.
  • Dog Boarding is 24 hours a day (dogs must be pre-screened)
  • Dog Park is a one hour trip to the dog park to let your dog burn off a lot of energy! (dogs must be pre-screened)
  • Dog Walk is 30 minutes
  • Pet Taxi - choose where we will pick the dog up (at home or at the appointment)
  • Weekly and Biweekly Pet Waste Removal service. You determine how often we come but if you have more than one dog we ask that you schedule weekly service.
  • Home & Garden - No pets? No Problem! We'll come over to check your home, bring in packages, water plants and more!

  • Next we choose the time of service.

Our hours of service are 7am to 9pm seven days a week and all holidays. If your pet has special needs and requires visits outside these hours please call to have us schedule a specific time. Visits outside our service hours have a $2.00 surcharge which is passed on to the pet sitter. All major holiday visits have a $3-$5 surcharge added.

Simply hover over the time of day to see the hours covered. In this screen shot the Morning time frame is displayed as 7am - 9am. This means we will come during those hours and we will stay for a 20 to 45 minute block of time based on your selected service type, above.

Dogs who need to go outside to potty and pets on time sensitive medication are visited first.

Mornings are the busiest time frame. We ask that if your pet doesn't need breakfast or let out in the morning you choose Midday so we can visit when convenient to our travels. This is handy for cats and outdoor dogs who are on one visit daily.

  • Select the pets we will be visiting

All Pets is the default selection and you can leave it at that unless only certain pets will be home.

Let's say one of your pets will be staying with your neighbor to play with their dogs. Select the pets that will be staying home.

Or maybe you are taking a dog to the dog show and the others are staying home.

Please let us know which pets we will be watching if it isn't everyone. That way we won't be frantically searching for your missing baby! This will cause us great stress as we try to reach you to tell you we can't find Jake who is peacefully snoozing in the hotel with you.

  • Now you are Done OR you can add another service for this date.

If you only need one visit on this date click Done

If you need another visit or service click Add a Service. This can be to add an afternoon potty break, a dinner pet sitting visit and/or a bed time potty break. You may even want a trip to the groomer added on a special day.

If your indoor dog doesn't have a doggy door please choose at least 3 visits each day so he or she can go potty. The first and last days typically need fewer visits.

  • Don't forget to add a note before clicking Done to tell us anything that isn't covered in your account under the Pets, Home and Custom fields. 

  • Now we are going to save time by copying our saved service to the future dates.

You can copy each service to All Days. If you don't need one or more of the services on the last day just delete it.

  • Now we are ready to review!

This page will show you all the visits you have scheduled.

Notice I deleted the evening visit on the last day after copying it to all future days

You can make any changes until it is just the way you want it.

When you have everything set the way you want, click NEXT

Your schedule will appear on a calendar.

This big warning window is going to appear to let you know you must submit your schedule

The big yellow warning line tells you that your schedule has not yet been submitted

If everything looks good click the Submit button next to Step 3

Your schedule will go to an administrator to assign your visits. Allow one business day for the schedule to be processed. You'll get a schedule confirmation invoice from us when your schedule has been accepted. Electronic payment (Credit Card or PayPal) is due a day or two in advance or by personal check on the first visit.

When you log back into your account later or the next day you will see your schedule on your Home page. You may need to adjust the date range to include your service dates if you've scheduled well in advance.

While you are logged in please click on your Profile tab to update your Home and Pet sections to make sure we have the most up to date information. More is better!

That's it! 

Your schedule will appear on the pet sitter's cell phone app. As they visit your pets they will mark their visits complete and leave daily notes for you by text, email or even in your appointment. You can check your online account at any time to see your completed visits.

Rest assured that your pets are receiving the best care in the comfort of home while you are traveling.


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